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Knock Shrine International Blessed Sacrament Guild

Aims of the Guild

Duties of Members

All that is required of members is that they spend a quarter of an hour (fifteen minutes) in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament each week.  This may be done before the Blessed Sacrament exposed or in the tabernacle, in any Church, in any part of the world, making the intention of being united with the Adoration at Knock Shrine.

The period of fifteen minutes may be divided into two or more visits, as found most suitable.  The time spent at Mass, other than Mass of obligation, may replace the required fifteen minutes.

Invalids and old people who are unable to visit a Church to spend the fifteen minutes before the Blessed Sacrament, can offer their prayers of Adoration at home.  They should unite themselves with the Adoration at Knock Shrine and pray for God's blessing on the Guild.

It is important to note that the promise to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for fifteen minutes each week, does not bind in conscience.  Members should encourage their friends, relations and neighbours to join the Guild.


All the faithful, including Religious, may become full members of the Guild, if they feel that they can fulfil the weekly adoration requirement of fifteen minutes.  Invalids and old people who are unable to visit a Church may also become full members.

Those who wish to become members of the Guild, may do so by calling to the Knock Shrine Offices, when on pilgrimage.  Their names will be placed on a Special Register.  Enrolment is free.

The faithful, who may be unable to visit the Shrine and who may wish to become members of the Guild, may do so by writing to:

The Shrine Office
Co. May, Ireland
Telephone: (094) 88100. Fax: (094)88295

Membership is for one year at a time and all who can should renew their membership, at the end of that period.


Members are free to use any prayers they personally find most helpful during their fifteen minutes of Adoration.  A short act of Faith, Hope, Sorrow and Love, together with a Spiritual Communion is recommended.  The Rosary may be recited while reflecting on the various mysteries, with attention.  members should offer their prayers for each other's intentions.

Spiritual Benefits

Mass will be offered at Knock Shrine, on the first Saturady of each month, for the Intentions of members.