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"I was cured at Knock"

Since the apparition at Knock on August 21st 1879 there have been many people who received special blessings at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock.  Marion Carroll is one of those people.  She was bought to Knock the 3rd of September 1989 on a stretcher, suffering from multiple sclerosis - she could not walk, was blind in one eye, had no bladder control, her speech was affected and she had many other medical problems.  After Mass in the Basilica she got up from her stretcher and walked, free of all her ailments. 

Video - $25 plus shipping

In this video first filmed one year after her cure and updated in 1995, Marion talks about her cure and her life before and since September 3, 1989.

Cassette - $10 plus shipping

In this recorded interview one year later, Marion talks about her life before and after Septermber 3rd, 1989.

Also on the cassette is Tom Neary, chief steward at Knock Shrine, Sadie Freely, a handmaid at Knock Shrine, Dr. O'Meara, Marion's doctor, her family and an update as of June 1993.

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