Cures at Knock Shrine

Marion Carroll

Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo, Ireland is a place where people go to pray and find hope, but for Marion Carroll it was the beginning of a new life. She was taken there on September 3, 1989 crippled with multiple sclerosis. She returned home cured.

Fr. Kilcoyne of Knock stated two years after Marion's cure "We have a medical bureau made up of specialists who study the evidence for us. In the case of Marion Carroll they can't rule out the possibility of remission until at least 7 years are up. Occasionally we have to say No we cannot explain this. What happened is beyond human knowledge".  According to the Church, the illness must be either incurable or very serious.  Medical attempts at finding a cure must have failed and the healing must be sudden and complete.

Marion Carroll from Athlone, Ireland was diagnosed with M.S. in 1978 after several years of illness. She gradually lost the use of her legs. When she became incontinent she had a catheter inserted and she had no bowel control. The muscles in her throat were affected by the disease so she could barely talk and all her food had to be liquified. By 1989 she was racked by kidney infections and almost blind. She was bedridden and needed to be washed, fed, moved and changed. Although her doctors had tried every drug they knew, Marion's condition was steadily deteriorating.

Sunday September 3, 1989- Marion's diocese was making their annual pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, the Order of Malta took Marion by ambulance to Knock. Marion recalls " I felt too ill to go but went to Knock because I didn't want to make a fuss" She was wheeled on a stretcher into the Basilica for Mass and Marion said that "I was in terrible pain, I received Holy Communion but I was too weak to pray. I looked at the statue of Our Lady of Knock and I felt she would understand. I said to her "You are a mother too, You know how I feel".

"It was then that I got this beautiful feeling - like a whispering breeze and I felt that if I opened the stretcher I would be able to walk. I didn't say anything in case I looked stupid. When I got back to St. John's-the rest home for the sick at Knock, I asked for the stretcher to be opened and I was able to stand up and I even drank a cup of tea unaided. There was no stiffness and no pain, it was like experiencing every bit of happiness you have ever dreamed of".

Marion's doctor came to the conclusion that no drugs he gave her could have effected such a transformation. He was baffled yet certain that Marion was not in remission. His detailed report to the Church Commission confirms that she Is now free of the disease.

Marion continues to go from strength to strength with no symptoms of her illness for the past 10 years. She travels to Knock Shrine once a month volunteering as a handmaid assisting with the million plus people who visit Knock Shrine each year. She also travels throughout Ireland, England and Europe for Healing Masses at Churches where she talks about her cure.

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Favours Attributed to the Intercession of Our Lady of Knock

Acknowledgments in this section are published free of charge and reports should reach the Hon. Editor, Knock Shrine Society, Bridge- mount, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, not later than the 11th February, each year. In all such letters, names and addresses must be included, but these will not be published in the thanksgiving report. Particulars as to what the favour received was, must be included as space cannot be given to unspecified thanksgivings. During the past year a number of thanksgiving reports without names and addresses reached the Hon. Secretary. These cannot be recorded in the "Annual".

The clay so often referred to in the favours set out below was taken (before the Shrine was erected) from the spot over which the apparition was seen at Knock Shrine. It will be noted in Archdeacon Cavanagh's "Diary of Cures" that clay, cement and holy water from Knock Shrine were commonly used by invalids who were praying for a favour.

The extracts recorded in this "Annual" are from letters and accounts supplied by the persons favoured or by their friends.


My eldest daughter suffered from a virus infection in her eyes and, as her sight was deteriorating, we feared that she would lose it. as she had been suffering for three months, without any improvement, we prayed fervently to Our Lady of Knock. Thanks to her powerful intercession the infection disappeared completely and her sight was restored in full. It was so amazing and we all thank Our lady of Knock for being merciful to her.

It is also my wish to return thanks to Our Lady of Knock as promised for hearing my prayers and obtaining a most suitable job for my daughter. it really was an answer to our prayers, especially in these difficult times. For these and many other favours we will always be grateful.

C.W. Rangoon, Burma. 7-2-'89.


After my wife's death I was very upset and lost interest in everything. I discontinued going to Mass and Confession and this went on for thirteen years. A friend of my family who knew all about me had frequently asked me to make a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, but I always refused. Then one day, by the grace of God, thanks to all the prayers that had been offered to Our lady of Knock for me, I decided to go on a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine on 15th August, 1988. While there I went to Confession, after which my joy could not be described. Since that day I have never missed daily Mass and I mean to make many pilgrimages to Knock Shrine in thanksgiving for the peace of soul which I now enjoy.

Repentant, Limerick. 9-2-'89.


I had many sleepless nights and was very upset because of a disagreement between neighbours and myself. A court case seemed inevitable. I prayed fervently to the Lamb of God, Our Lady of Knock and the heavenly visitors to Knock Shrine to settle the matter. I promised publication and to have Mass offered for the Holy Souls in thanksgiving if my request was granted. Almost at once the problem was justly solved without any hard feeling on either side. For this and for many other favours I am deeply grateful to Our Lady of Knock.

K.S.H., Co. Galway. 13-8-'88.


I was in a miserable state of health for two years and it was thought that I was suffering from hernia. I prayed fervently to Our Lady of Knock asking her to come to my aid. I was then sent to the clinic for further examination, and the surgeon at once operated for a hysterectomy. Thanks to Our Lady of Knock it was a successful operation without any complications. I promised a donation in thanksgiving.

A.C., Co. Donegal. 9-5-'88.


I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock as promised for the great favour received of giving my son the grace to give up drink. I fulfil my promise of publication and a donation..

M.C.O., Belfast. 17-5-'88.


I wish to thank the Sacred Heart, through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock for my nephew's good medical report following a heart attack, and that surgery was not considered necessary. I recited the novena prayers to Our lady of Knock daily and promised publication. This promise I now fulfil with very deep gratitude.

Grateful Client of Our lady. Stafford, England. 11-11-'88.


Deepest gratitude to our Lady of Knock for a very successful outcome to tax problem. For this and many other favours I am truly thankful.

M.C., Co. Cavan. 21-8-'88.


I was suffering from an illness the cause of which had not been diagnosed and I was very worried. I made a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine and prayed fervently for a speedy recovery. Thanks to Our Lady of Knock and her Holy Son I feel much better now. I promised a donation and publication.

B.M., Co. Wexford. 16-9-'88.


My son had gone to the U.S.A. and had not written or phoned since he left home. I wrote six letters to him and got no reply to any of them. I was very worried and then made arrangements to go to the U.S.A. myself in the hope of contacting him. During this time I was praying fervently to Our Lady of Knock. I had planned to make a pilgrimage to the Shrine on 29th September, just before I left. That very morning, the phone rang and to my great joy I was told that my son would meet my plane. I feel deeply grateful to Our Lady of Knock. K.O.D., Co. Mayo. 29-9-'88.


Sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock for the successful sale of my daughter's house and the purchase of another. I have had Masses offered for the Holy Souls in honour of Our Lady of Knock in thanksgiving.

P.T., Co. Mayo. 8-9-'88.


My husband died suddenly leaving me with a family of ten children. I was heartbroken and found it very difficult on my own. In the past six months four of my children had to go to England to look for work. I was especially worried about the youngest who is only eighteen, but I prayed very hard to Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph and St. John to protect him and to secure for him a suitable position and accommodation. Thanks to their powerful intercession he has now got a good job, decent accommodation and good friends. I make an annual pilgrimage to Knock Shrine and I consider it the happiest day of the year. I feel so close to Our Lady there. Please publish my sincere thanks, donation enclosed as promised.

Grateful Mother, Co. Carlow. 28-10-'88.


By chance I met a lady who had come from America on a package tour, which permitted only a very short stay at Knock Shrine. Her mother was with her, and towards the end of the tour she had become extremely ill. The doctor who attended her was very concerned about her condition, and she lost weight rapidly. She was not able to return to the U.S.A. with her group, and it was necessary for her to stay on for some time, and then fly back to America only when a nurse was engaged to help her daughter to take care of her on the journey. I had given the daughter a little clay from Knock Shrine, and she believed that it was through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock that her mother, who was in a very weak state, survived the journey home. Soon after her return the cause of her illness was discovered, two weeks later she had to undergo a major operation and to the surprise of all, made a wonderful recovery.

She is now back in her own home with full health restored. Both mother and daughter are profoundly grateful to Our Lady of Knock; they are making the Knock Apparition known to their friends in the U.S.A. and mean to continue spreading devotion to the Shrine.

S.K., Limerick. 6-2-'89.


I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock for many favours which I have received down the years since I first visited Knock in the 1930's. The two most recent favours are great results from medical tests when an eminent doctor had considered that my symptoms indicated a serious heart condition. Recently, I travelled by train for the first time in ten years, as I had suffered from a phobia which prevented me from doing so. I now wish to return humble and sincere thanks to God through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock.

Client of Our Lady of Knock, Dublin. 19-9-'88.


I had been suffering from a pain in my left thigh. I prayed firmly to Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph and St. John to bring me relief, and I promised a donation. The pain disappeared and I now fulfil my promise with very deep gratitude to Our Lady of Knock.

J.N., U.S.A. 25-5-'88.


Please publish in the Knock Shrine Annual my sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock for suitable employment for my daughters and also a lovely wedding day for one of them, and many other favours over the years.

A.B., Co. Louth. 18-1-'89.


I had been very ill for seven months, having lost the power in all my limbs and I needed constant help. I made four pilgrimages to Knock Shrine and did a night vigil. I now thank Our Lady of Knock for a wonderful improvement in my condition.

R.D., Co. Westmeath. 28-12-'88.


I promised the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Knock publication for the following favours which I received : Restoration of mental health for my husband. Securing employment when all hope seemed lost. The grace to pray with greater confidence and trust in the midst of ill health and poverty. Our Lady of Knock has swiftly removed all my problems. My motto is : be patient, pray, and your prayer will be answered.

A.K., Co. Tipperary. 27-10-'88.


I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph and St. John for the following favour : We had a very difficult and distressing family problem and I had almost given up hope of finding any means to solve it. I went on pilgrimage to Knock Shrine on 4-12-'88, where I prayed very reverently and implored Our Lady to help us find a way out of our difficulties. On 27th December, feast of St. John the Evangelist, my request was granted in a most unexpected way, and great happiness was restored to our family. I want to publish our heartfelt thanks to Our Lady of Knock.

Grateful, Co. Limerick. 11-2-'89.


I had severe chest pains and was very worried. I prayed to Our Lady of Knock and promised publication and a donation if I got relief. After a little time the pain disappeared completely and I am anxious to make the favour known as promised.

J.O.H., Co. Clare. 6-12-'88.


We had a domestic problem which caused a great deal of anxiety, but thanks to Our Lady of Knock a solution was found. Following an accident a valuable animal was unable to stand up for a long time and I was terrified that she might have broken a leg. I prayed fervently to Our Lady of Knock, and she made a complete recovery without any broken bones. Thanks and praise to Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John.

A Grateful Client, Co. Tyrone. 23-12-'88.


My heartfelt thanks to the Sacred Heart through Our Lady for granting my petitions, great results in examinations; employment secured for both girl and boy and many other favours granted throughout my lifetime. I owe great gratitude to Our Lady of Knock. she never refuses me.

Grateful Parent. 5-7-'88.


My brother had a kidney transplant, and he rejected it. After some time a kidney was made available from England, and a week following that transplant the doctors feared that it was not going to be successful, and they would have to remove it. On hearing this upsetting news, my sister went on pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, where she prayed fervently for my brother. A few days afterwards on the 15th August, the doctor phoned my mother to tell her the wonderful news that the kidney was functioning. The doctors were amazed at my brother's speedy recovery as he was home in a very short time and back to work three weeks following his operation. He has been working away ever since, and living a perfectly normal life. We are here on a thanksgiving pilgrimage at Knock Shrine today and wish to make the favour known as a token of our deep gratitude to Our Lady of Knock.

P.G., Co. Galway. 10-10-'88.


Owing to a change in work for my husband my family were living in a most unsuitable house and we had tried in vain to find something better. We went on a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine to ask Our Lady to help us secure a suitable home. Shortly afterwards an ideal house became vacant and we were fortunate in getting it. We felt it was a direct answer to prayer and we wish to publish our sincere gratitude.

K.H., Co. Mayo. 26-9-'88.


I was greatly upset because my son and his wife who appeared to be happily married at first and who were blessed with three lovely children, started to quarrel. As time went on matters got worse and they finally separated.

I was heartbroken and especially for the sake of the three young children who were so devoted to both parents. Every effort was tried to bring them together again but without any success.

Having received many big favours through Our Lady of Knock in the past I decided to place all my trust in her powerful intercession and prayed fervently to her now and promised publication if this family was united again and that they would get the grace to live in peace together and in the love of God.

Shortly afterwards my request was fully granted and we now have a happy united family for which I want to publish my heartfelt gratitude to Our lady of Knock.

A Happy Mother, Co. Armagh. 12-2-'89.


I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock for averting an operation for a neighbor who had severe pains in her legs and who now feels very much better. I also wish to return thanks for the recovery of a valuable animal.

M.C., Co. Mayo. 1-7-'88.

Sincere gratitude to Our Lady of Knock for securing a permanent and agreeable position for a young girl.

M.J.B., Co. Down. 4-l-'89.

Sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph and St. John for the recovery of a relation following an accident which resulted in a critical operation, also the recovery of a friend from a very big operation. I have received many other favours through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock. Many thanks to her.

Grateful, Co. Clare. 5-2-'89.

I wish to thank Our lady of Knock as promised for saving our property from serious damage during a very severe storm; also, my family and I were saved from serious illness.

M.K., Co. Westmeath. 11-5-'88.

I had arranged to go on pilgrimage to Knock Shrine but a day or two before I was due to go I got ill. I am not young anymore and I promised that if Our Lady would give me the strength to go I would report it. Thanks to her intercession, I was able to make my pilgrimage and I am now praying I'll be able to go again.

M.C., Co. Donegal. 1-6-'88.

I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock for the great improvement in the health of a friend. Donation and publication promised.

B.OT., CD. Galway. 29-4-'88.

I wish to thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock for good results from medical tests. I now keep my promise of publication.

J. O'H., Cork. 27-9-'88.

I promised publication in thanksgiving to Our Lady of Knock for the safe arrival of a perfect grand-daughter and also a grandson. I had Masses offered in honour of Our lady of Knock for the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory in thanksgiving.

P.T., Co. Mayo. 8-10-'88.

I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock as promised for my restoration to good health following a very severe and prolonged illness.

K.J., Co. Mayo. 5-10-'88.

Very sincere thanks to Our lady of Knock for protecting my husband from serious injury in a bad fall, also that a valuable cow passed the T.B. test.

K.D., Co. Tipperary. 21-10-'88.


This thanksgiving is long overdue. I was involved in a very serious car accident in which my friend was killed. I believe it was Our Lady of Knock that saved my life as I had a packet of clay from Knock Shrine in my pocket and had donated a seat for the Chapel of Reconciliation in Knock, some time previously. I now wish to thank Our Lady of Knock from my heart and also for many other favours, including the peaceful death of my brother.

Unworthy Sinner. Dublin. 7/9/'96.


I have received several favours through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock and want to publish my heartfelt thanks to her. The most recent favour was the, healing of an ulcer which my brother had on his ankle and his recovery as well as my own recovery from a very bad 'flu. I also thank Our Lady of Knock for relief from pain which makes it possible for me to carry on my work. I turn to Our Lady of Knock for help in every need and I cannot thank her sufficiently for all she has done for me. I always use Holy Water from Knock Shrine. I now fulfil my promise of publication and a donation,

M.J.H. Co. Wicklow, 8/2/'98.


I wish to publish my sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph and St. John for the safety of myself and my property during the severe storm. I had Masses offered for the Holy Souls - as a token of gratitude for this and other favours received in the past.

G.M., Co. Mayo. 1/7/97.


I wish to fulfil my promise of publication in Knock Shrine Annual in thanksgiving for my daughter's very happy marriage and good home. I had been praying to Our Lady of Knock that she would make the right decision as I was very anxious to see her settled down in a nice home of her own while I was still living. For this and many other favours received I am most sincerely thankful to Our Lady of Knock.

"Grateful Mother", Co. Galway, 8/10/97


I had what I can only describe as "Healing Experiences" during my first and only visit to Knock in September 1997 and I would like to document it.

I am American, a practising Catholic, a Captain of a 747, and I was on a trip layover at Shannon. Four of my crew and I arrived at Knock. I went into the Exposition Chapel by myself and said the first joyful mystery of the Rosary. I then went to the Apparition Chapel, where I knelt and said the second joyful mystery. It was when I got up, that I realised that God had touched me, because discomfort that I had been feeling in my right hip during walking and sitting, was completely gone.

While praying, I had asked nothing for myself. I had prayed only for my family, for their health and well being, for friends and for a waitress in our hotel who had overheard that we were going to Knock and had asked that I say a prayer for her. This made the disappearance of my hip discomfort to be even more of an unexpected surprise.

We were going to leave shortly afterwards to get back to Shannon to rest before our early wake-up call next morning, but when I found that there was to be a Mass 15.00, I suggested to the others that we stay and attend it, because I wanted to say "thanks" to God for his gift. We did stay, and it was a beautiful service.

The next day, one of the Cabin Attendants who was with us, a very devout Catholic, who had actually been the one to suggest that we visit Knock during our stayover, told me. that a Poison Ivy outbreak on her face had completely healed, and her very painful left foot, that has a Heel Spur and Planter Wart on it, felt much better after leaving Knock. Therefore we had really two "Healing Experiences" in our group of five.

In my life and profession, I deal with facts and realities; numbers that are either right on, or they are off and I am getting them back on to where they should be, where things are either black or white - few grey areas. This was my first visit to a Holy Shrine and it was for me, a powerful and humbling experience. After I got up and walked out of the Apparition Chapel, realising that my hip discomfort had gone, I actually felt tears of gratitude come into my eyes, that God would take the time to do something for me as directly as He had obviously just done.

I know that it is God who performs the healing miracles whether they be big ones, or tiny ones like the one that He did on me. However, I'd like to thank you too, and all of the staff at Knock, for the physical work that obviously has to go in to making the Knock Shrine the beautiful and meditative place to visit, that it truly is.

I look forward to returning soon.

J.S.,U.S.A. 11/9/97.


I would like to report what seems to me, a cure at Knock. I went there about three weeks ago and brought back some holy water,

I gave a little bottle of the holy water to a friend of mine, a man aged about seventy-six years. I knew this man was very worried abut a lump which was near the spine of his back and about the size of an egg.

He had the lump removed twice, once by a doctor in his surgery and then in Cashel Hospital. it was alright for a certain time, in both cases, but then it grew again.

He told me before I went to Knock that it was getting bigger and that it was very sore and even though he put ointment on it every night, his shirt rubbed off it and made it sore. He said he would have to have it removed again but didn't like the fact that it kept growing.

He told me since, that he rubbed the Knock holy water on the lump and now it has disappeared completely.

He was so happy about the cure that he went to Knock last September for the first time. He had faith in holy water always but otherwise was not terribly religious.

Mrs. M. O'M., Co. Tipperary 11/6/'97.


Thanks to Our Lady of Knock, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, Holy Angels and the Lamb of God, that I am able to stop smoking and to have good health for all the family. Thanks, too, for having a job of work and for being able to work at home in my spare time. I am grateful also that all the animals on the farm went through the T.B. test successfully.

Mr. J.B, Co. Down, Northern Ireland 4/21'98.


I felt that I had to write to you to tell you about my cure at Knock on the 10th June, 1997.

Every time I went to Knock in the last three or four years, I always got the Anointing of the Sick, but on the 10th June last a strange thing happened.

I was accompanied by my brother and sister from Monaghan and we happened to be far back in the seats for the 3 p.m. Mass in the Basilica. My brother whispered to me "we will not bother with the Anointing of the Sick today. We will just receive Holy Communion. I agreed.

When the Eucharistic Minister came around - it was 3.45 p.m. - I looked at the Sacred Host and said : "Please God, may Jesus and Mary cure me of my shake in the head".

For two years before that, I developed a slight shake in the head, but for about six months before the June cure, my head shook all the time.

Anyhow, when I expressed the words I've mentioned, I thought my head would rock off my body, it vibrated at such speed. All of a sudden, it stopped and I have not experienced it since. Thanks to God and Mary as well.

All my neighbours knew my plight. I told them all that I was cured at Knock. They said: "We all noticed the shake in your head. You certainly haven't it now".

Many thanks again to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Knock for the cure.

Mrs. S.C., Co. Dublin 19/11/''97.


I wish to record my gratitude to Our Lady of Knock for many wonderful favours received at various times through her intercession.

G.C., England 30/1/'98.


I wish to publish my most sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock for the following favours received during the past year:

  1. Successful in my business
  2. Able to purchase a new machine needed for my business
  3. Safety at work and while driving protection of property in storms.

I made the novena of Rosaries in honour of Our Lady of Knock, the Lamb of God, St. Joseph and St. John and I prayed for the relief of the Holy Souls, Archdeacon Cavanagh and asked for their help. It is with much gratitude I now fulfil my promise of publication and a donation.

N.E., Co. Westmeath. 7/2'98.


Heartfelt thanks to Our Lady of Knock for answering our prayers. A member of my family secured a very suitable house. I had Masses offered for the relief of the souls in Purgatory in honour of Our Lady of Knock in thanksgiving.

P.T., Co. Mayo 8/9/'97


I want to publish, as promised, sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock for my most successful hip replacement. Before the operation I had severe pain and I am deeply grateful to be in good health now, free from pain and able to walk about again.

A grateful client of Our Lady, Co. Clare. 6/10/'97.


I was very upset because an important document which was urgently required could not be found. I prayed fervently to Our Lady of Knock, promised publication. and a Mass for the help of the souls in Purgatory. Shortly afterwards the document was found in a most unexpected place. A thousand thanks for this and many other favours granted to me and mine in the past through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock.

D.H., Co. Mayo, 4/1/98


I thank Our Lady of Knock for the great improvement in my health. I have been suffering from arthritis for a long time and had very severe pain. Now I am able to go to Mass again which is wonderful. I am also most grateful to Our Lady of Knock for protecting our house in the bad storms around Christmas,

B.M., Co. Wexford. 27/1/'98


Our Lady of Knock has always been my help in every need, not alone for myself but for the members of my family.

I would like to mention especially Our Lady's direction in restoring peace in our home last year following a very difficult period which was most upsetting for us all. I also thank Our Lady of Knock very sincerely for improvement in health for some members including myself as I suffer from arthritis and am now able to manage to cope on my own when all the family are absent at work. Thanks to Our Lady of Knock also for the safe birth of a healthy grandson and for safe travelling for all members of my family. I make frequent pilgrimages to Knock Shrine and use Knock Holy Water frequently.

A.McD., Co. Roscommon, 27/1/98


I suffered greatly from glaucoma in both my eyes for a number of years. I had no sight at all in my right eye and the specialist said that was due to the optic nerve being badly damaged. To make matters worse, cataract developed in both eyes. After some time the specialist decided to remove the cataract from my right eye and I was told that owing to the damaged optic nerve they did not expect great results from the operation. Eleven days had gone by following the operation and I was very upset to find there was no sight or even light in that eye.

I always had great devotion to Our lady of Knock and made a pilgrimage to her Shrine each year. I turned to her now for help and prayed with all my heart. On the morning of the twelfth day I realised I could see light and on looking out I was delighted to find I could see the garden.

I now want to publish my sincere thanks to Our Lady of Knock for restoring my sight and send a donation towards the upkeep of her Shrine. My next pilgrimage will be one of thanksgiving.

A lover of Our Lady. Co. Cork. 11/2/'98.


After many tests I was informed that I had a brain tumour and that an immediate operation was necessary. Before going into hospital for the operation I asked to be taken on Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine where I prayed with all my heart and I also received the Sacrament of the Sick. I felt extremely happy during the journey home. Two days later I went into hospital, as arranged. To my great surprise and joy I was told I had no brain tumour and I was home within a week. I hope to make a few Pilgrimages to Knock Shrine during 1998 to thank Our Lady of Knock for restoring me to my present good health.

M.D., Co. Limerick 11/2/'98.


I had suffered from a bad sore on my leg for six years. I had to have it dressed twice a week and the doctors and nurses had tried various remedies but there was no improvement. I decided to turn to Our Lady of Knock for help and I made a fervent Novena and applied Knock Holy Water each day to the sore. The sore healed completely. I don't know how to thank Our Lady of Knock and will be grateful to her for ever.

A.D., Co. Limerick., 11/2/'98


I had many tests and the doctor told my family I had cancer. We always had great devotion to Our Lady of Knock, having experienced her powerful intercession in the past. My family now joined in making a novena to Our Lady of Knock for my recovery. I was two weeks in hospital at the time and could not believe it when the doctor came to tell im my tests were now all clear and I returned home without having to undergo any operation.

I have promised a pilgrimage to Knock Shrine in thanksgiving to Our Lady of Knock for restoring me to good health.

M.L., Co. Limerick. 9/2/98


I wish to thank Our Lady of Knock, as promised, for restoring me to almost perfect health following a stroke which I got last July. I am looking forward to making several pilgrimages to Knock Shrine in thanksgiving.

K.K., Co. Limerick. 10/2/'98.